Naxos Town
Saint George beach

Welcome to Naxos island and Kapetanos rooms

Naxos Island is an excellent holiday resort for all tourists as it combines the good nightlife with quiet holidays and a breathtaking nature, and offers at the same time a great variety of activities and sightseeing combined with perhaps the best beaches in the entire Cyclades islands.

In Naxos Town, at a distance of approximately 500 metres from the pier and only about 100 metres from the capital's main square, Kapetanos Rooms is an ideal accommodation selection for those who want to stay in a spotlessly clean unit, in a hospitable environment and within just 70m from the main beach in Naxos Town, the beach of Saint George.
Kapetanos Rooms in Naxos Town
Why choose to stay at Kapetanos rooms

There is no need to spend a lot of money for your trip to Naxos Island. Kapetanos offers you an affordable solution for your stay in Naxos.

Nearest restaurant is at 20m and many other restaurants, tavernas and coffee shops are in the vicinity. Nearest mini markets are at approximately 30m, where you can buy bread, cheese, ham, fruit, vegetables, wines, olive oil, coffee, snacks and various sweets and everything you may need during your holiday.

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