Naxos Town
Saint George beach

How to get to Naxos

There are several ferries each day during high season, departing from both Piraeus port and Rafina port. Occasionally ferries may depart from Lavrio port as well. Earliest departure is at 7:30 in the morning while earliest arrival is at approximately 11:30, if you choose to travel with the High Speed.
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Olympic airlines will fly you to Naxos on a daily basis (flight takes off at approximately 12:20 and arrives at 13:05). Flight lasts 45 minutes. The airport is only 3.5km from the capital centre and there are many taxis waiting when a flight is expected to arrive. Car rental companies also deliver cars at the airport, at no extra charge usually. Please visit Olympic Airlines to see schedule and cost.

Charter flights may also take you to Naxos; please contact your local travel agent or simply surf the internet to find out more about schedules and prices.
Kapetanos Rooms in Naxos Town