Naxos Town
Saint George beach

Location of Kapetanos rooms in Naxos Town

Kapetanos Rooms is located just 70m from the beach of Saint George.
The beach is widely preffered by young people who wish to enjoy a drink or a snack on the beach, and by families, who want to see their children swim in safety, due to the shallow waters that extend to some 50m from the shore.

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Enjoy ...

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in one of the coffee bars on the beach of Saint George. You can order either a standard continental breakfast or simply make your own selection from the menu. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts and honey, excellent snacks, great variety in coffees ...

Enjoy a fantastic meal or snack in one of the tavernas found very close to our rooms. You can select from traditional greek to excellent italian, spanish or asian; all within just a few steps.

Enjoy an early or late drink in one of the many bars, pubs and coffee bars of the area, some of which offer a wonderful sea view and seats on the sand. Try walking a bit further, and at about 150m to 200m you will find the more "noisy" part of Naxos Town with an even greater variety of places to select for your evening out.