Naxos Town
Saint George beach

About Naxos island

Naxos Island has only recently been developed touristically and this has been done quite rapidly. What used to be a quiet island selected by tourists who only wanted to experience the traditional island life and the untouched nature of Naxos is now turned to one of the major tourist destinations in Greece. It now attracts not only the nature lovers but also those who want to have a good nightlife and excellent local cuisine.

Naxos' nature still remains unspoilt. The island is big enough that it will take you at least 1 week to get around and, although local transportation is punctual and regular, a car or motorbike is necessary if you want to save time.

The island's nightlife is also good, however, one definitely cannot describe Naxos as the island with a wild nightlife; it is more family oriented.
Photos of Naxos island
Photos of Naxos island
Naxos Town, also called Chora by the locals, is built amphitheatrically along it port, facing the west. Although it has expanded significantly during the last 15 years, it still remains very picturesque with certain parts preserving their traditional architecture intact.

Among the island's most famous beaches are the following:

Saint George beach
Ideal for families with young children and inexperienced swimmers

Agios Prokopios beach
Widely known due to its turquoise clear waters

Plaka beach
Plaka became famous during the last 10 years only and it is several kilometres long giving a sense of privacy (except of course during the high season)

Most visited villages in Naxos are Apiranthos, Filoti, Koronos, Damarionas, Komiaki, Moni and Chalki, all mountainous and very picturesque.
Photos of Naxos island
Photos of Naxos island