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Rooms in Kapetanos

Kapetanos Rooms consists of 10 units in total. The unit has been built in 3 levels.

The 1st level is a semibasement and has 2 twin rooms with own balcony.
The 2nd level has 4 units:
1 double room
2 twin rooms
1 triple room (1 double bed + 1 single)
The 3rd level has 3 quadrupla units, each one having 1 double bed and 2 single beds.

A new unit has currently been added and offers sea view. This unit is a 2 room apartment having 1 bedroom with a double bed and 1 living room with a couch that opens to 2 beds. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen (with a refrigerator, hotplates, oven and a wonderful unobstructed view of the sea and Naxos Town.

All units have private balcony, TV and air-conditioning.
Accommodation units in Kapetanos Rooms
Accommodation units in Kapetanos Rooms
Kapetanos Rooms in Naxos Town