Naxos Town
Saint George beach

When to visit Naxos

Tourist season in Naxos usually starts from early May till the end of October. Most accommodation units operate during this period only, some may even operate from early April.

Peak season in Naxos starts from approximately July 20th to August 25th, so if you want to be with the crowd and love to see people all around you having fun then this is the time to come.
Kapetanos Rooms in Naxos Town
For more quiet holidays but still with some crowd, you may choose to come from June 10th to July 20th or from August 25th to September 5th. This is more or less the middle tourist season during which the beaches are a lot quitter and it is easier and faster to get around the island. Prices are also significantly cheaper.

It is, however, during the low season (early May to early June and end of September and October) that the island is at its best. There are very few tourists on the island and you may end up having an entire beach to yourself, especially the most distant ones. It is by far the cheapest season of all so you may enjoy your holiday at a very low cost.